Two Make A Thing Go Right

>> Sunday, May 22, 2011

It was a cool, damp morning; a mist in the air. You could just feel the excitment! And also the chaos. A new start and finish; a new course.

Again I was not nervous. Not even anxious. This time, I was worried. I felt unprepared. I had missed/skipped twenty days of running during my training. And since I am my own worst enemy, I had put doubt in my mind that I would either not be able to finish the 13.1 miles or that I would finish worse than I did at the River Run.

In the end though, I PR'd by twelve minutes!!!

I ran the first two miles and the last two miles; the rest were 18r3w. Which was the perfect combination; it felt good and gave me confidence along the way.
It was good to return to the Rite Aid again; to see the sights and hear the sounds. Although I did run with my ipod for the first time in a race, I made sure that the volume was always at my fingertips, because it is wonderful to hear the cheers, music, and encouragement from the neighborhoods along the way. The turnout and cooperation of the residents always amazes me!

Looking back, I think I should have run the Full; simply because I missed out on the rest of the course, especially running along the lakeshore. However, since I did miss so much of my training, I'm glad I only did the Half.

I'm looking forward to the Full in Columbus in the fall. I have already begun to prepare my mind for how I am going to approach my training over the summer. I will definitely be more diligent when it comes to getting all the running in. I don't want to have to worry about finishing or my time (too much); I want to be able to enjoy the 26.2 miles through my old college campus and the surrounding neighborhoods.

I must say, my brother was right...supplemental classes at the gym and working out at home, really did help me to finish and improve my time, although I didn't believe him. I also can't believe that it has been a whole year since I ran the Full! I'm glad that I've keep up on staying active and that I was able to participate again this year. Next up, The Warrior Dash!


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